Monsters University Walkthrough

To start the Monsters University Play Set simply place your triple Incredibles/Monsters University/Pirates of the Caribbean Play Set piece from the Starter Pack onto the Infinity Base in the hexagonal slot. Select the "Monsters University" option and then "New Game". You must keep the Play Set piece on the Infinity Base in order to play in this Play Set.

Remember that Play Sets are "true to property" which means you can only use characters from the same franchise. So that's Sulley, Mike, and Randy that you can use here. So you will need to have two of those characters (even two of the same character works) to play co-op.

Campus Clean Up

"Shoulder charge the Fear Tech standees on M.U.'s campus."

Squishy wants you to start the cleanup of the Monsters University campus, walk forwards through the gate to the small Fear Tech sign that's along the side of the path. Approach it and then charge into it with the primary attack button, it'll shatter and give out some Coins and Sparks for your character. The next standee to knock over is on the grass ahead to the right, then the last three are all around the fountain.

Once you've smashed all five of the standees you complete this mission. You can roam the campus freely but the next mission is over near the fountain, Squishy wants to talk again.

Scare Simulator

"Perform a scare on the scare simulator monster."

The "simulator monster" is up ahead by the steps, on the left side. Walk up to it and press the secondary attack button to scare it. You'll need to scare a couple more to finish the mission though, the next one's back over near the fountain and then the third is a bit closer to the entrance but still right next to the fountain.

You now get a choice of missions, you can get one from Squishy, another from Art, the purple pair of legs over to the west of the fountain, and a third from the yellow guy to the east of the School of Scaring.

Sneak Peak

"Sneak up on and scare the upgraded simulator monster."

Squishy has this mission for you, he's still near the fountain. This time is a little trickier than before, you now have to sneak up on the simulator monster and scare it without it spotting you. You're going to want to get into the orange semi-circle behind it in order to scare successfully, to get there first go up the steps of the building north of the fountain and go to the left along the front until you're right behind the simulator. Jump down behind it and start sneaking, if it spots you go back up the steps again and it should have stopped the alarm. Anyway, hold the sneak button until you're in the orange semi-circle then press the scare button (secondary attack) to scare it, watch out for other students as your scare might get directed at them accidentally.

The next simulator is around the corner, jump back up to the ledge you were on before then go over, jump down and sneak up behind it again. The third one is over on the opposite end of the building back past where you were earlier, you can jump down from the same raised area as before. And the fourth and final one is just slightly further along, repeat to complete.

Student Aid

"Find a way to climb to the top of the library and free the trapped student."

The follow up mission from Squishy asks you to go rescue a student from the top of the library building, unfortunately the arrow is only useful in finding the building and not the way up. To get up you go to the left side (south) and on the wall you should see a drainpipe, beneath that is a circle of grass with a blue eye sticking out of the ground, approach that and then scare it. If you did it right the ground should shoot up and a platform will be formed, jump up onto that platform and then onto the drainpipe to be automatically taken to the roof.

Jump to the very top and walk over to the pile of toilet paper in the middle, free the student either by scaring him or smashing the paper off him directly.

Remove the Rolls

"Remove the toilet paper pranks from around campus."

Squishy's got another mission to give you, same place as usual by the fountain. And the first thing to remove toilet paper from is the fountain itself, to do that just walk up near to it and press the Scare button to scare the toilet paper off it. The other two you need to do are the two statues up on the steps of the School of Scaring building.

Roll Out!

"Purchase the Toilet Paper Launcher at the store."

Squishy once again has a mission, find him by the fountain. This time you're learning to use the Toy Store in order to buy the first gadget of the Play Set, the Toilet Paper Launcher. The cube that the arrows take you to isn't actually something you have to use to get to the Toy Store but it does give you a prompt on how to, you can press that button at any time to get to the Toys & Missions menu you don't have to be by one of these cubes.

Once in the store buy the Toilet Paper Launcher for the 350 Coins (or Tokens if you want to call them that) to unlock it for the rest of the Play Set as well as for in the Toy Box mode. A large box will be delivered and deposited on the grass in front of the building where the Infinity Cube is floating. Go over to it and open it up to get your new gadget.

The Road to Fear Tech

"Shoot T.P. at the switches to open the tunnel to Fear Tech."

Squishy's got another mission but he's moved place, now he's in the south-east corner of campus, to the right of the building where that Infinity Cube was. Time to learn all about packs and tools, all just to equip the Toilet Paper Launcher you were probably already holding.

Approach the gate and shoot at each of the three targets, no need to manually aim just fire and it should automatically hit each one. Completing this mission also unlocks the "Beastly Bike" toy which you can use to ride around campus on, it's quite expensive for this point in the game though.

Find a Friend

"Find the M.U. student at the Fear Tech end of the scream tunnels."

You'll start this one automatically after opening the gate to Fear Tech. Go down the tunnel and follow it along until you get out the other side.

Revenge Grows on Trees

"Use the Toilet Paper Launcher to "decorate" the four blue trees at the center of Fear Tech's campus."

Talk to the cactus man at the Fear Tech end of the scream tunnel to get this mission going. Go through the door and out into the Fear Tech campus, head to the right and then take a left to where there's a few blue trees with toilet paper markers on them, fire your Toilet Paper Launcher at them and then walk a short distance further forwards to the other two trees you need to hit.

Statue Upgrade

"Use the T.P. Launcher to "decorate" the matching twin statues on Fear Tech's campus."

Don Carlton is just to the right of the trees in Fear Tech, talk to him to start this mission. Head down the path to the left of the trees and approach the statue. Run up on the left side and start running around and firing at the statue a few times until all of the markers have vanished and you get 1/2 statues marked as complete. Now quickly off back towards where Don Carlton was and duck behind the building to get out of the Fear Tech student's vision. If you get hit too many times by the Fear Tech student you'll get caught and put in a detention room, just jump out of the window to get back outside if you do.

The second statue is in the north-west corner of the Fear Tech campus, left of Fear Hall. Again run up close and fire at the statue while trying not to get hit by the Fear Tech student. Once you've completed the statue you get mission complete and the student stops trying to attack you.

Above and Beyond

"Locate the M.U. student hiding out on one of the rooftops on Fear Tech's campus."

This mission is given to you automatically once you complete the Statue Upgrade mission. To find the student simply follow the green arrow to the front of the building to the east side of the campus. To get up on top of it you have to climb a yellow pipe on the left side of the door, the swirling leaves don't do anything to you.

A Banner Day

"Climb the flagpole to unfurl a special surprise for Fear Tech."

Talk to the student you found on the roof and then just jump onto the flagpole next to him.

There's a couple more missions unlocked now if you jump down off the building and head over to the south side of the campus.

A View of Blue

"Unfurl the M.U. flags throughout Fear Tech's campus."

The red tentacled monster by the Fear Tech fountain has this mission.

To the left of the fountain is a blue and yellow building you'll need to climb, to get to the top you go back a short distance and to the left where there's a covering part of the building sticking out across the path, go to the outer edge of that and jump and climb up the pillar next to the hedge.

From the top of that carefully sneak towards the front of the building where there's a Fear Tech student patrolling, sneak up behind him and scare him. Once he's knocked out start climbing the ledges above the door to get up to the next floor. Go around the side and jump up some more ledges sticking out of the wall to get to the very top and go back to the front of the building where the flagpole is. Jump up and grab onto the flagpole before shimmying to the side until the flag unfurls. Once that's done drop down and jump off the building.

The second flag is on the opposite side of the fountain, to get up there climb onto the ledges sticking out of the black parts of the building, then shimmy to the side at the top to continue going up another black piece of the building all the way to the roof. The flagpole is at the back, sneak around and scare the student standing next to it, then climb it to finish the mission.

Terrifying Techniques

"Practice your Scare Techniques on a Fear Tech student to prepare for your next mission."

After completing A View of Blue you'll get a call from Squishy to tell you to go talk to yet another student hiding at Fear Tech, Randall, he's over to the south of the fountain. Once you've started go and sneak over to the fountain where there's a Fear Tech student, as he walks away from you sneak up and approach him from behind and scare him.

Very Scary for Terri and Terry

"Locate and scare the Fear Tech student with knowledge of Terri and Terry's location."

Return to Randall to get this next mission, the guy you're targetting can go invisible but you should be able to see his outline easily enough. He's found patrolling the building to the left of the Fear Hall building, start sneaking as soon as you see him and follow him around until you get close enough to scare him. If he sees you just run away, he won't sound an alarm but you can't scare him until he's started walking again.

Fear Tech Check

"Scare two Fear Tech students."

The red tentacled monster by the fountain in Fear Tech has another mission for you. Head north and sneak up on the invisible students the game points out to you, there's one hanging out around the football and one further east walking between the buildings.

Tree's a Crowd

"Decorate some of the Fear Tech trees with T.P. while avoiding the angry Fear Tech students."

The yellow horned guy up on the roof to the east of the fountain has this quest ready for you. There are plenty of trees you can T.P. all over Fear Tech campus but the game has a specific set of five it wants you to use. They're all to the east of the fountain under the Door Design School building bridge, watch out for the student patrolling.

Gargoyle Paper Caper

"T.P. the gargoyle statues on the Fear Tech buildings."

There's a purple spotty monster up on the roof of a building to the west of the Fear Tech fountain, climb a nearby building to get across to it. Whip out your Toilet Paper Launcher and fire it at the gargoyle on the building to the south, that's one of six done. Jump across the gap to the ledge below the gargoyle, then run around the other side of the building and shoot the second gargoyle. Next cross that bridge inbetween the two buildings and go up the side of the building to shoot the gargoyle directly above you. Go around the other side of the building and do the same again.

The last two are on the big Fear Hall building to the north, jump over to the building connected to the place where you got the mission and shoot the gargoyle on the west corner of Fear Hall. To get the one on the other end of Fear Hall drop down and cross over the courtyard to climb up the building nearest the corner by using the pipe and then going over a wire, again shoot it and complete the mission.

Talk to Don

"Find Don on M.U.'s campus to learn about his plan."

After completing Very Scary for Terri and Terry you get a call to return to Monsters University campus, approach Squishy and you'll get this mission automatically. You'll find Don over by the steps of the main building north of the fountain. Once you get near him you'll unlock a new "Paintball Gun" in the Toy Store for just 800 Coins.

Practically Joking

"Set up a prank."

Go into your Toy Store menu and buy the "Give 'em a Hand Launcher" that just unlocked, no need to actually go over to the floating cube.

Once you've bought it head on over to the spot that Don has marked, it's just south of the fountain. Press the "Decorate" button when you get near the to bulletin board and then switch it out for the Give 'em a Hand Launcher.

Dare to Scare

A mission that you don't really get given and has no description. Anyway, you've got to sneak up on and scare the three Fear Tech students that are terrorising the Monsters University Campus. So long as they're facing away from you and you're sneaking you should be okay.

Go to the Row

"Travel to M.U.'s Frat Row."

A blue tentacle monster will give you this mission though the power of telepathy, head south out of the main Monsters University gate and then towards the closed iron gate to the east, the one built into a brick wall with loads of graffiti and posters plastered on the side. The monster outside it will give you some odd information, ignore it if you're not playing co-op (it just means that you can't be at, say, Fear Tech and Frat Row at the same time but you can be at Monsters University and one other place) and just go through the tunnel to Frat Row.

Trash from the Bash

"Remove the trash from Frat Row."

A blue winged monster to the east of the entrance to Frat Row. There are a few trash bags around, apparently smashing them counts as cleaning up (don't try this with real trash bags) so get smashing, one is on the corner, another is to the right of the entrance, a third is in the middle of the road going south, one more to the side of that, and finally one along the driveway of the first house on the right side.

Frat House Makeover

"Add any customization to OK House to earn a few Fear-It Week tokens."

An orange tentacle monster to the east of the entrance to Frat Row. To the side of the road is a small building with an OK sign above the door, approach it and press the Customize Building button that pops up. Make any customisation you like, such as changing the Wall from "Gloomy Grooves" to "Befitting Brick". Once you're done Exit to finish the mission and unlock the Bike Park Table Top toy.

ROR on a Wire

"Remove the ROR banners from Frat Row by sliding along the wires."

A white tentacle monster south of the entrance to Frat Row. To get up to the wire it's as simple as jumping on the lamppost and climbing up it, you'll slide along the wire and knock both banners off. Jump down and head north to another wire going across the road, again climb the lamppost to get up to the two banners on there.

Think PNK

"Add PNK House to Frat Row."

After completing the Frat House Makeover and ROR on a Wire you can take this mission from the white tentacle monster. Simply purchase PNK House from the Toy Store for 500 Coins. This also unlocks the Terrifying Two-Wheeler bike toy in the Toy Store.

Scale the Walls

"Add new decorations to the PNK House."

Talk to the pink monster outside the PNK House that you just built. Do the same kind of thing you did with the OK House, go up to the front door and then customise at least one part before Exiting.

Rooftop Drop

"Climb GRR House and help the stuck student get down."

After ROR on a Wire you can talk to the tall yellow monster with purple hair. To get up onto the house you can just climb the lamppost and slide over the wire to it, climb the one on the opposite side of the road so you slide in the correct direction. Once on the roof pick up the student and then throw him off anywhere. Completing the mission unlocks the Sweet Bike Jump in the Toy Store.

A Fresh Look

"Remove the students from the EKO House lot."

After completing Rooftop Drop the purple tentacled monster at the end of Frat Row has this for you. Go over to the empty lot on the right side of the end of the road to find the students, to get rid of them just pick them up and throw them away from the lot.

Is There an EKO?

"Add the EKO House to Frat Row."

Return to the same monster to get the second part which involves building the newly unlocked EKO House. Simply go to the Toy Store menu and purchase the house for the 500 Coins. This also unlocks the Roarin' Ramp toy when you're done.

HSS Story

"Remove the HSS crates from Frat Row."

Start this one with the green slithery monster at the end of Frat Row. On the right side of the road just before the end is the HSS lot, there are four crates dotted around it, one in the middle, one over to the left by a tree, one to the back and one to the right next to the building next door.

HSS House Hunch

"Add HSS House to Frat Row."

The same monster starts this short mission, buy the newly unlocked HSS House from the Toy Store to finish it. This unlocks the Bike Park Berm item in the Toy Box.

JOX Boxes

"Clear the JOX crates from Frat Row."

The yellow monster with horns at Frat Row starts this. The boxes are found in the middle, to the left, to the right, and at the back of the lot. Smash them all to complete the mission.

Where's the JOX House?

"Add the JOX House to Frat Row."

Talk to the monster again to unlock the JOX House, then build it for 500 coins. This also unlocks the Bike Park Half Pipe.

Crate Big ROR

"Clear the ROR crates from Frat Row."

The blue spotty squid monster in the middle of the road to start. There are four crates on the lot at the end of the street, just smash them all to complete the mission. One's at the front, one in the middle and two more of into the yard.

Let the ROR Out

"Add ROR House to Frat Row."

Head back to the same monster to unlock ROR House in the Toy Store, then buy it from the Toy Store for the 500 Coins it costs. This also unlocks Bike Park Dual Pool when complete.

A Lesson in Pride

"Add two M.U. banners each to the Fear Tech Door Design School and Dorm."

The blue winged monster to the south of the Fear Tech fountain starts this mission. The Door Design School is the orange, white and black building to the east of the fountain, there's a picture of a door above the front door. Climb up to the roof the same way you did before, like climbing the ledges near the bridge section, and then jump up a bit further onto the orange roof and across the wire with the furled up banner.

Go forwards and jump across the gap to the next building, the second banner is on a wire a little further ahead. The next banner is a little further away, jump down and cross over to the west side of the Fear Tech campus, climb up the drainpipe on the corner of the veranda and then up the pipe in the middle of the swirling leaf creatures. Watch out for the Fear Tech student on the roof, if he spots you just jump back down and wait a few seconds before jumping back up the pipe again and trying to sneak up on him.

The two wires between the buildings are where the last two banners are.

Card Counter

"Find the M.U. student's missing Scare Cards."

Start this mission with the pink winged monster back by the Monsters University fountain.

Wander over to the building to the east of the fountain and pick up the first of the Scare Cards out front, the second is up on the side of the building, you can simply jump up and grab hold of the bits sticking out of the wall to jump up the side of the building. There's a third directly above so keep on going up, the next few are are along the top of the roof before going up onto the chimney, to get up there you'll need to jump on the yellow pipe to the right and be thrown off it onto the antenna. Climb up the antenna to the top of the chimney to finish off the collection.

Clothes Make the Monster

"Remove the Fear Tech hat from the M.U. student by taking him to the Student Union building."

Talk to Art by the Library to start this mission. Head over to the north-east of the campus where there's a student standing next to a small blue building, pick him up and throw him into that little building. This will open up the Monster Customisation where you can customise monsters. The part that you need to switch is his hat, so go to the "Scary Swag" section and either give him "No Accessory" or, if you've got any, another hat item that you've picked up through red capsules.

Ambush the Bush

"Scare the Fear Tech student hiding in the bushes."

After beating the Clothes Make the Monster mission talk to the purple tentacle monster standing north of the fountain. The student you're looking for is in the south-east part of campus working on a poster on the front of the brick building. Sneak up behind him and scare him.

Doomed Dorm

"Climb the Dorm and unhook the Fear Tech banners to remove them."

A yellow sort of SpongeBob looking student has this mission over by the dorms to the right of the main building. Go to the south building where the marker is indicating and jump up on the lower windows before sliding over and climbing the parts jutting out of the corner. Climb up to the top of the banner to pull that side off the hook. Drop down to the ledge just below the banner and slide along to the side and climb up to the other end of the banner to pull it down completely. Do the same thing for the second banner on the other part of the building.

Backpack Backtrack

"Find and collect the missing Fear-It Week tokens."

The purple tentacle monster to the north of the fountain has this mission for you after finishing Doomed Dorm. Time to go looking for the eleven tokens she's dropped. First one is to the south-east on the corner of the building with the Monsters Cube floating in front of it. Number two is around the back of that same building. Three is further north, on the ledge sticking out of the next building, you should be able to jump and grab onto the ledge directly from the northern end.

Four is behind you near the wall of the campus, five is behind the building you did Doomed Dorm on, six is just outside the main gates, near the tunnel. Seven is to the west of the main gates on the outside, eight's back inside to the west of the gates, nine's directly north behind the Library, ten is a little further north behind the same building and the last one is to the west next to the wall.

A Land of Hands

"Remove the Foam Fear Tech Hands from campus by collecting them."

Behind the Library after those missions is a blue square monster. There are eight of these hands, the first two are around the front on the handrails. There's one on the steps of the School of Scaring, two in front of the building to the east of the fountain, and another two in front of the other building east of the fountain. The last one is in front of the building where Doomed Dorm took place.

Spring Forward

"Use a Joke Launcher to catapult yourself over the closed Clock Tower gate on campus."

The game will sort of forget to tell you where to go, you can trigger this mission by approaching the north-west gate behind the School of Scaring. To get over simply Decorate the nearby bulletin board to use the Give 'em a Hand Launcher, make sure to aims over the fence rather than into the gate. Once placed simply walk in front of it to be launched over the fence.

Time for a Rescue

"Climb to the top of the Monsters University Clock Tower to rescue Terri and Terry."

To start climbing the Clock Tower first approach the fencing on the back of it, there's a blue eye sticking out of the ground, scare it to form a platform to get up to the wooden platform in the scaffolding. Go up the ramp to the end and then start jumping up onto the side of the building. Jump up again and then jump right over a gap, shimmy to the end and then up and around the corner. Climb up onto the ledge and then up the bricks sticking out of the wall.

At the top of the bricks drop down onto a platform, jump over the gap and then start climbing the ledges that have crumbled out of the stone corner. That'll take you onto a pipe that takes you past the clock face, keep on going up a short distance before going to the right and into the room at the top of the tower. Still not quite there, jump up the ledges on the left side to reach the roof. That'll unlock the School Colors Ender (and rescue the twins). Jump back down the Clock Tower.

Secret of the Scare

"Roar at the scare button on the monument to activate its hidden features."

Talk to the tall black monster near the base of the Clock Tower to start the mission to leave the area. If you jump over the wall to the right you'll land right near the statue in question, simply walk up in front of it and scare the button. That'll open the gate, unlock the Scream Energy Launcher toy and activate all of the buttons around campus for you to use.

Secret Meeting

"Climb to the top of University Hall to meet Don Carlton for a secret meeting."

Just outside the Clock Tower gate is Squishy waiting for you again. To get up onto University Hall you have to go around the south side of the building (not the back of it) and scare the button there, it'll cause a large platform to pop out of the wall and allow you to jump up ledges to the bottom of a chimney, once you reach it shimmy around to the left and then drop onto the roof. Go over to talk to Don Carlton.

That'll unlock the Cracklin' Backpack and tell you to head back to Fear Tech to get started with the next mission. I'd suggest buying the Cracklin' Backpack right away so you don't have to come back and open the package later when you need it for a mission.

A Peaceful Balance

"Remove the Fear Tech "decorations" from the School of Scaring."

Talk to Art outside the Library after unlocking the buttons. At the eastern end of the School of Scaring is a button you can scare to cause a couple of pillars to push out of the wall and form a Wall Jump. Use it to get up onto the roof and knock down the banners along the front of the building.

Time for a Change

"Remove the Fear Tech decorations from the Clock Tower."

Art's got another mission for you in front of the School of Scaring. Go through the gate to the north-west and climb up the Clock Tower again, the same way you did when rescuing Terri and Terry. On the way up there are some small posters on the wall that you need to scare, first one's right above the scaring platform, then the next is up by the first ledges, the third is when you start climbing the bricks, instead carry on around the corner a bit further. Before you go back to those bricks go up some bricks here to number four. The fifth is by the ledges going straight up the corner after the normal bricks.

And the last two are the hooks that the large banner at the very top are attached to.

This is the Ender

"Place a Joke Ender on the designated slot."

Talk to the Spongebob looking monster behind the buildings to the east. Go buy and place the School Colors Ender where it wants you to if you can, the mission seemed to basically autocomplete for me. That unlocks the Have a Nice Trip Launcher.

Dorm Party!

"Use the Cracklin' Backpack to throw a "surprise party" into Fear Tech's Dorm."

Talk to Terri and Terry just outside of the Scream Tunnel from Monsters University. Night falls on Fear Tech so the students will now be carrying torches (which doesn't really mean much but you can see them easier), head east to the far end of campus and then north along the backs of the buildings. There's one student wandering about beneath the windows, sneak up and scare him to get him out of the way. Use the Cracklin' Backpack (if you don't already own it you'll have to go back to Monsters University to open up the package when you buy it) and throw into each window.

Go around the corner, sneak up on the student there, and then throw into the last two windows to finish the mission.

House Party!

"Use the Cracklin' Backpack to surprise the students in Fear Tech's Botany building."

Return to Terri and Terry once you're done to get another mission. Similar to the last mission, the sun sets and it's time to sneak over to the Botany building which is to the north-west of where Terri and Terry are. There are several students wandering around that you'll need to scare or avoid. Once you reach the window equip the Cracklin' Backpack if you haven't already and throw into the five Botany building windows to finish the mission. An Incoming Call Ender is your reward.

Decoration Celebration

""Decorate" Fear Tech's School of Scaring with M.U. decorations."

Another night mission from Terri and Terry. Head on over to the School of Scaring in Fear Tech. To get up top you need to go around the side and into the gap between two sections of the building, on the floor there's a platform you can scare up. Go up the yellow horizontal pipes and onto the ledge running around the building. Go towards the back and just before you get there there's a gap for Wall Jumping that you can use to get to the roof of the building.

Sneak around the skylight and scare the student patrolling on the other side, jump up the ledges and pipes to get up onto the very top of the building, go towards the front along a beam and release the first banner. The next one is to your right, watch out for the student as you head to the corner next to the gargoyle. And as you might expect the third is on the opposite end where the other gargoyle is. The Scream Tunnel Sludge Ender is yours.

Football Wrapper

"Use the T.P. Launcher to "decorate" the football monument on Fear Tech's campus."

The world turns to night as you start this mission from Randy. Sneak towards the football monument north of the fountain watching out for the torches that the Fear Tech students are carrying. Remember that you can't sneak while holding the Toilet Paper Launcher so make sure to unequip that as you do so. Scare the students closest to the football before switching back to the Toilet Paper Launcher and covering the statue. This unlocks the Fly Swatter Launcher in the Toy Store.

Double Trouble

"Chain two Joke Launchers together on Fear Tech's campus."

Talk to Don Carlton after helping out Randy. The task here is to place two launchers so that one leads into the other and triggers it to hit a monster a second time. You can find a few bulletin boards up along the fountain and by Fear Hall. Transform one into a launcher and rotate it so that it's facing a second board. Then switch the second board into a launcher as well making sure that it's aimed so that the hand isn't on the opposite side of the board to the other bulletin board (otherwise the monsters will smash into the board rather than get hit by the trap). Job done.

Pranks for Everything

"Chain two Joke Launchers and a Joke Ender to create a big, chained prank."

Talk to Don Carlton again and then return to your two pranks, if there's a third spot lined up perfectly then great, if not then look around for a better set. Use an "Ender" that you've purchase from the Toy Store in the third spot and start throwing students at the first launcher. At some point it'll recognise you've finished and award you with a Vender Ender.

Triple Trouble

"Create a triple threat by linking three Joke Launchers together on Fear Tech's campus."

Back to Don Carlton, the simplest way to do this is to just switch out the Ender from the previous mission for another Launcher. That's a Vending Machine Launcher reward for you.

Key to Success

"Scare the Fear Tech student guarding Archie so he'll drop his keys."

Talk to Randy to get this mission. Head on over to the north-west part of campus where the marked student is patrolling. Stand back and watch his pattern for a moment and then sneak up on him from behind and scare him when he starts to walk away from you.

Race to Victory

"Ride Archie to the Monsters University campus."

Wasting no time Randy will appear by the pen to give you this next mission. Time to ride the pig, "Saddle Up" and start charging around campus smashing into the archie statues that you see. If you follow along behind the School of Scaring and then head south at the end before looping back towards the fountain and smashing the last one. After that head towards the Scream Tunnel. And that's the end of the story missions, as a reward you unlock Archie the Scare Pig in the Toy Store.


The missions below are all optional sidequests, some are even repeatable (specifically the campus cleanup missions, you can redo them whenever you see the campus get messed up).

Campus Crackdown

Another mission with no start but requires you to clear the Monsters University campus of the two Fear Tech students rampaging around.

Tech Tock

This one requires you to scare away the three Fear Tech students that are near the Clock Tower. You get the Breaking News Ender as a reward.

Tunnel of Paint

"Locate the Paintball Arena in the scream tunnels."

Once you've bought the Paintball Gun you can get this mission from the Red Winged monster hanging around on Monsters University campus. Head through the gate to the west of the School of Scaring, it'll open now that you've got a Paintball Gun, and go through to the Paintball Arena.

Have a Paintball

Go through the door on the other side to talk to the big blue monster. In this mission you need to shoot the three Fear Tech students with paintballs, just run around and shoot at them. They take very few hits to destroy while you can take several.

Paint by Numbers

Another Paintball mission from the blue guy, this time there's six Fear Tech students to knock out. Again you can run wild just don't get too close as they like to charge at you.

Scream Tunnel Tussle

A little trickier with the invisible students added now, you need to knock out eight students in total. You can also use the large paint cannons at the edges to shoot them if you like. Keep an eye out for the red lines above their heads so you can see them behind barriers as they do like to hide.

The Color of Success

One final showdown in the Paintball Arena, this time there's ten students to shoot and a lot more barriers in the way. Again the cannons are very useful as you can't be hit while on one. Keep on looking for those red markers in the air when searching the arena for the last few students. Your reward is the Slithering Cycle.

Poster Paints

"Use the Paintball Shooter to "improve" the Fear Tech recruitment posters scattered around their campus."

A thin purple monster in the south-east corner of Fear Tech gets this mission started once you have the Paintball Gun. The first poster is obviously up on the wall of the building here, keep shooting it until the blue circle expands and it marks you down for 1 of 20. Here's a list of the locations of the other 19:

  1. On the roof of the Door building, near the flagpole.
  2. On the roof bridge of the Door building, north side.
  3. On the north side of the science lab, near the top.
  4. North-east corner of the dorms.
  5. North side of the dorms.
  6. On the inner corner of the dorms.
  7. South side of the building west of the dorms.
  8. East side of Fear Hall, in alcove.
  9. On the roof of the Fear Hall, west side.
  10. On the roof of the Fear Hall, south side.
  11. On Botany lab building/library, inner corner.
  12. On Botany lab building/library, inner corner.
  13. On north side of building just to the west of the Fear Hall.
  14. On north side of building east of scream tunnels.
  15. On west side of building east of scream tunnels.
  16. On east side of building east of scream tunnels.
  17. On the roof of the building east of scream tunnels.
  18. On south side of building west of scream tunnels.
  19. On wall north of building west of scream tunnels, next to TPed statue.

Take a Bike

"Drive through the objects to collect them."

After buying a bike you can talk to the blue tentacle monster, head to the first marker to begin a "race" along a path going around the campus, there's no time limit though so no need to hurry. Just keep going until you've got all 20.

Reject the Tech

"Remove the Fear Tech accessories worn by the M.U. students."

Talk to the same blue tentacle monster who is now found next to the gate directly behind the School of Scaring. Head over to the first student, he's found near the student union building where you first customised a character. Pick him up and throw him into the customisation building and switch out his hat and pennant. The next guy is over by the fountain, pick him up and carry him back to the customisation building to change his hat and foam finger.

Homework Hero

"Collect the scream cans by performing tricks with a bike."

At the south end of the street in Frat Row you'll find the blue spotty tentacle monster to get this mission from once you own a bike. If you haven't bought the skate park toys you might find the floating scream cans a little mystifying as you need the various parts to reach them. If you haven't done so buy them from the Toy Store, you should have earned them from building all the Frat Houses. More specifically the items you need are the Bike Park Half Pipe which you earn from building the JOX House, the Bike Park Table Top which you earn from customising the OK House, and the Sweet Bike Jump which you get by rescuing the student from GRR House's roof.

Once you've got all of those set head between the PNK and JOX Houses to where the Half Pipe is, go up and down it getting the four scream cans in the air. To do so you need to jump as you lift into the air and then try to perform a trick on the way down, if you land it successfully you'll go faster and be able to go higher on the other side of the pipe. Keep going back and forth until you've got them. Hold off on the other two just off the half pipe for the moment.

Go down the path to the left and jump over the Table Top to get the can in the air above it, shouldn't need all that much speed to reach it. Now turn around and jump over barrier behind the PNK house to go up the ramp there and jump into the scream can in the air next to the Half Pipe. On the opposite side of the half pipe is another one in the air, go up the dirt ramp from against the fence and jump into it.

Continue along the dirt path behind the houses until you get to the next one, ROR House, jump off the dirt ramp onto the back of the building to grab number eight, number nine is directly ahead off the ramp on the same building. The last canister is above the Sweet Bike Jump that's in the path ahead.

Repair the University Hall

Another mission that you have to guess that you even have. Scare the posters off of University Hall.

  1. Front of University Hall.
  2. Front of University Hall.
  3. Front of University Hall, on ledge.
  4. North side of University Hall at the back.
  5. South side of University Hall at the back.

Repair the Library

And another mystery mission. Knock the banner off the south side of the Library by standing on the hooks, scare the toilet paper off the spike corners of the roof, and clear the toilet paper off the edges of the ledge above the door to finish.

A Scary Proposition

Clean up the School of Scaring, first scare the toilet paper off the statues out front and then knock the banners off the roof by grinding along the rails up there.

Repair the Registration Hall

There are some posters on the walls of the building, one on the north side, two inside. The banners on the front count for four, there's five bits of toilet paper on the pointy green bits on the roof. And finally two banners on the back of the building, jump up the message board to reach the higher one.

Repair the Dorm

Just do the same thing you did in an earlier mission, jump up the fronts and knock down the two large banners.

Clock Tower Power

Scare the two Fear Tech students that are wandering around near the Clock Tower. One's right at the base of it and the other is on the paths to the west.

Tech Time

In the same places as the other mission, one at the base, one at the top of the first ramp, another on the wall around the corner from the brick jump, then one up above that. Go up the normal brick jump and then there's another just before the climb up to the top. Knock off the large banner to finish the mission.