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The Incredibles Walkthrough

To start the Incredibles Play Set simply place your triple Incredibles/Monsters University/Pirates of the Caribbean Play Set piece from the Starter Pack onto the Infinity Base in the hexagonal slot. Select the "Incredibles" option and then "New Game". You must keep the Play Set piece on the Infinity Base in order to play in this Play Set.

Remember that Play Sets are "true to property" which means you can only use characters from the same franchise. So that's Mr. Incredible, Mrs. Incredible, Violet, Dash, and Syndrome that you can use here. So you will need to have two of those characters (even two of the same character works) to play co-op.

Where there's smoke...

"Put out the fire and destroy Syndrome's Omnidroids at the other end of the docks!"

If you go left and then up the ramp and along behind the building there you'll find a red capsule floating about in front of that building, if you pick it up you'll unlock an item called "Fancy Suit", this is a customisation that you can use in the Play Set but that's something you'll be able to do a bit later. I'll cover the capsules in this first mission but later on the world opens up and you're better off checking the big list. Now go back around to the start and go forwards following the green arrows over the cracked bridge.

As you approach the building on the other side it'll break apart and give you a ramp up into it, ignore that for a second and smash through or jump over the boxes to the right, there's another capsule here with "Ice Cream Cone" inside. A different kind of customisation but again not something you can do anything with just yet. Go back and into the destroyed building via the small ramp created by a piece of the wall.

Follow the arrows through the building and jump up the small ledges before you reach a point where it tells you to jump up and grab onto a ledge, this is just as straight forward as jumping before except that you automatically grab onto the edge and can need to jump up again to get to the top. On the right is a grey and orange Water Tower that you have to smash into to spill the water over the fire. One hit should do it.

Go down the ramp it creates towards some construction workers, just behind some crates ahead you'll see another red capsule with "Surgeon Hair" inside. If you try to go towards the oil tankers they'll explode and your path will be blocked, so instead go left a little towards the base of the giant blue crane. Before you go up the stairs first go left next to the building where the water tower was, there's a capsule with "Boy Hero Body". Go past the stairs below the crane to find "Surgeon Suit" underneath that big blue crane.

Now smash through the crates and go up the steps, at the top you'll find a pole to jump onto, jump towards it and you'll then automatically climb up it. Do the same for the next pole to get to the top. Now here you'll see the first Character Chest, these can only be unlocked by the character they have pictured on them. This first one is for Mr. Incredible who you should have from the Starter Pack (and may already be using), switch to him, approach the chest and open it. Inside you'll find a "Mr. Incredible Costume", this isn't something for the Play Set, instead it's an item that unlocks in the Toy Box mode and allows you to place a townsperson version of Mr. Incredible.

To the right of that chest is a set of swinging blocks of crates, double jump onto it as it comes towards you and then jump off the end onto a pile of multicoloured containers. If you drop off the left side you'll find a red capsule with "Mad Scientist Hair", jump back up and then forwards and double jump to grab onto the side of the next hanging set of crates. Jump up the ledges to the top and across onto another big blue crane. Go down the steps and partway turn and look at the beam to your right, you should see a pole to climb. Climb up it and then jump up onto some crates (try not to smash them) and climb another right to the very top of the crane.

Here you'll find "Construction Foreman Uniform". Climb up onto the cabin and then jump onto the crane arm along the left side, slide over to the cabin on the other crane where you'll find "Dark Dress". Now slide back to the previous crane along the other side picking up the "Policeman Uniform" as you go. Drop all the way back down to the ground under the crane, you can find another red capsule underneath it, it's "Chauffeur Face".

Go over to the boat where the Omnidroids are and get stuck in, attack and destroy the four you need, there are three small ones around the dock area - one over by the gate, and one larger one up on top of the boat. If you pick one of them up and throw it at another you get a Gold Star, but you can do that any time so don't be too concerned about it. Once you've smashed the fourth droid you'll earn the Gold Star for completing the mission.

Damage Assessment

"First you must buy the car from the toy store and then find and talk to the police officers."

Go over to the floating Infinity Cube (or just go into the Toy & Missions menu yourself, the cube just gives you a prompt to press the button that you can already press without it) and go into the Toys & Missions menu, select the Toy Store and "Buy" the first (and currently only unlocked) item, "Mr. Incredible's Sports Car". Then go into the Toys & Missions menu again and check out the current mission. This is where you can change which mission your arrow is pointing towards and see a little bit of information on the missions.

Exit that and jump into your car (or just walk, doesn't matter) and drive towards the Police Officer that your compass is pointing towards. The game is now open world so you can go wherever you like in the currently available portion of the city, do whatever missions you can find and pick up whatever red capsules you can see (to reach some of them you'll require special gadgets that you don't have yet).

There are three Police Officers around the city, each with a different mission for you, you'll only complete this mission once you've completed all three of them.

The north one is the one I'm going to first.

Rubble Trouble

"Citizens are trapped under debris and need to be saved."

As long as the mission is highlighted in your Mission Log the compass will point directly at the nearest trapped citizen, you'll need to find your own way around the buildings that may be in the way. The first one is just to the right as you head south, smash the phone box that appears to be jolting to free the citizen.

There's a green dumpster just down the alley with a rocket sticking out of it, smash that one too. Head a little further south to the street where there's a yellow School Bus with a lamppost smashed onto it, smash that to pieces to free the citizen. Go back into the alley and continue down it until you see another upside down green dumpster to smash. Citizen five is out on the first street so go north and you'll find the phone box jumping about next to the building here. Your final citizen is in another School Bus on the corner of this street a little further to your right.

Once you've freed all six you get your reward of 100 Coins and 25 Sparks and have 1/3 Cops Assisted for the Damage Assessment mission. Now go find a second Police Officer to help. My next one is in an alley in the middle of the island.

Fire Alarm!

"Put out the fire!"

Head west along the street until you see the building that's actually on fire, climb the building just next to it by jumping up the window ledges. Once on top go over and smash the Water Tower that's on top of the building on fire. And that's it, mission complete. 100 Coins, 25 Sparks are yours.

From now on through the game you'll randomly see buildings set on fire by rampaging Omnidroids, if you put it out by smashing the Water Tower on the roof above you'll get a small reward each time.

The final Cop is on the eastern corner of the large green area with a curved road going around it at the south of the city.

Rooftop Rescue

"Rescue the people trapped on top of the building."

First climb up the red brick building over the road, the first of the three is up there. Pick the little guy up and then jump down and take him to the area on the grass marked out by the yellow barriers, drop him off once you get there.

The next one is just up on the building next to where the Police Officer was, climb up the window ledges to reach her.

The last one is a little trickier, climb up onto the original red brick building again and then smash into the large blue and red billboard on the red brick building and use it to cross over to the building to the south, there you'll find the last trapped person. That's another 100 Coins and 25 Sparks for your character.

With all three missions complete you also complete Damage Assessment which rewards 300 Coins and 50 Sparks.

Edna Arrives

"Clear out Edna's landing zone."

Tell the game to show you where to go or just head on over to the destroyed western bridge where those Omnidroids just appeared. Once you've destroyed the five of them, the fifth being on top of a building you'll need to climb up to, Edna will arrive and the mission will complete rewarding you with 500 Coins and 200 Sparks.

Go talk to Edna who is now standing near the broken bridge.

The Secret of Heroes Island

"Use the Toy Store to purchase the bridge to Heroes Park. Then open the Headquarters."

Go into the Toy Store (there's a cube next to the broken bridge but remember that it's not actually necessary!) and purchase the new item "Downtown Express Bridge" for 100 Coins. Cross over the new bridge towards Heroes Island and defeat the Omnidroids that get in your way. Carry on past them following your compass to the base of the large circular structure.

Jump and grab hold of one of the feet of the left of the heroes on the mural, shimmy up the leg and then jump up onto the belt and finally onto the yellow triangle that the marker is hovering over. You can shimmy over to the right towards the other hero but you have to drop down onto the triangle this time. Inbetween there's a red capsule "Cute Dress" to collect. Very subtle.

Climb up to the top and onto the roof. Keep on climbing up towards the giant statue where there's a central blue circle to stand on. You get 500 Coins and 100 Sparks and a couple of toy buildings unlock for use at the base.

Room to Breathe

"Buy the Training Facility from the Toy Store and place it on a building lot."

Talk to Edna Mode to get the next mission rolling, then buy the Training Facility from the Toy Store. It costs 500 coins but you should have more than enough. You can place the Training Facility in any of the four spots, it's down to you to choose which and it's not permanent, you can move it again if you want to. Once you've bought it it becomes available in the Toy Box mode too! Yay!

Shape Up!

"Find the Combat Trainer."

Go talk to that guy you saw beating up the Omnidroids, he's not very far away, just there in the middle of the base. Pick him up and take him over to the Training Facility. 100 Coins + 50 Sparks.

The Power Within

"The Combat Trainer will help you learn the power of Mr. Incredible's ground pound!"

First up is a quick training challenge where you do Mr. Incredible's Super Ground Pound. Destroy the holographic Omnidroids to win. Reward for this is 100 Coins, 100 Sparks and the Glide Pack being unlocked.

Keep talking to the Combat Trainer to learn about your character's attacks and how to more effectively fight your enemies.

Uppercut Afficianado

"Learn how to do the uppercut combo."

Another quick tutorial mission shows off the Uppercut, make sure to keep the button held down to destroy the Omnidroid in one go rather than several uppercuts. Do this three times successfully to complete the mission. 100 Coins and 50 Sparks reward.

Handling a Crowd

"During this mission, you can practice switching from one enemy to the next."

Basic combat this time, simply hold the movement stick in the direction of the enemy you want to hit and tap the attack button. Do that three times to win, only hit each enemy once. Another 100 Coins and 50 Sparks reward.


"The Combat Trainer will teach you how to successfully dodge attacks."

Now a dodging challenge, simply hold in a direction and press the dodge button. Follow the numbers around all the way back to 1 to complete the first bit. Next you're facing an Omnidroid, just dodge backwards to finish the mission.

Active Lifestyle

"Complete the Collect Crazy activity."

Head out onto the road and go to the west side of the island just north of the bridge, you'll find the challenge marker in the middle of the road. This challenge gives you 1 minute and 20 seconds to collect as many of the yellow Infinity markers as you can, target is 50. They're spread out all over the mural you climbed earlier so you should be familiar with how to get them.

This serves as an introduction to the challenges that you can find all over the city, all you need to do is finish it on Easy to complete the mission and the challenge. If you want to go to the harder difficulties just step back into the circle and get going. The difficulty is raised by needing to collect more. Have fun!

Once you're done with that head back to the Secret Base to pick up some more missions.

Animal Pandemonium!

"Find all of the escaped animals and return them to the zoo."

Talk to the Firefighter standing in the Secret Base to start this mission. All over Downtown are animals, your job is to find them and take them back to the zoo.

A Penguin is hanging out right near the zoo. A Panda near the alley. There's a Giraffe further along the northern alley. An Elephant has somehow made it up onto the roof of a nearby building. A Monkey is running around on the road to the east. And a Lion is wandering about at the entrance to the docks.

You get a Gold Star for completing this one.

It's a Secret

"Use the compass to find the informant."

Talk to the Businessman in the Secret Base to start this mission. The informant is standing in an alleyway in the south of Downtown, go talk to her. Follow her up onto the top of the building and go over to her again, watch as she zips along the wires, then follow her! All you need to do is jump onto the wire to be zipped along it.

The defector is up on a roof ahead, go forwards over the next wire before jumping over the alleyway onto a platform sticking out of a building, jump up to the top of it and then up some AC units to where the defector is standing. Erm... well... of we go back to headquarters to actually talk to her. This also unlocks the "HQ Research Station".

No Escape

"Purchase the SuperMax Prison from the Toy Store and place it on a building lot."

Talk to Rick Dicker, the tall non-townsperson looking person, in the Secret Base. Then go into your Toy Store, buy the SuperMax Prison for 500 Coins and place it on one of the spots. Completing the mission unlocks another couple of Toys: the "Newspaper Stand" and the "Ice Cream Truck".

Lock 'em Up!

"Put all of the criminals in jail."

Talk to the Police Officer at the Secret Base to start this mission. First you need to find the criminals, a few are hiding in dumpsters so you'll need the compass on to find them (unless you just feel like smashing every dumpster you see), the others are just hanging out in the open but again the compass makes it a lot easier to find them.

One is in the northern alley. One just to the west of the bridge to Hero Park. One in the alleys to the south of that same bridge. One further west in the alley. And then the last one is in a dumpster just off the road leading out of the docks.

Once you've picked up a criminal a prison van will appear nearby, go over to it and throw the criminal in the back.

Smooth Sailing

"Get the Glide Pack! Take it to the base of the monument and test your air skills."

Purchase the Glide Pack for 750 Coins if you haven't already and go pick it up from the crate in the middle of the base.

Learning to Glide

"Learn to use the Glide Pack."

Head up the elevator at the back of the base to the top where the giant statue is. Follow the onscreen instructions for how to control the flight, ending with a Dive Bomb. If you mess it up then you can just take the elevator back up again.

Gadgets Galore

"Buy the HQ Research Station from the Toy Store and place it on a building lot."

As it says buy the Research Station for 500 Coins it wants and place it down in one of your empty lots. Wait for it to finish building.

Emergency at Headquarters

"Omnidroids are everywhere! Where are you?"

Get on over to the base and start pummelling the Omnidroids that have started appearing, it shouldn't be more than a couple of those large spawning Omnidroids and the smaller ones they spawn. Once you've destroyed them all you get an Ambulance toy to buy.

Throwing Things

"You can pick up different objects and throw them at the enemy."

Another pretty self explanatory tutorial mission, pick up the car and throw it at the Omnidroid.

Muscle Memory

"You can pick up one enemy and throw it at another enemy."

Same kind of thing as the last one except now you're picking up an enemy to throw.

Hide and Seek

"Go to the docks and capture the Hoarder."

Time for a capture mission, after talking to Rick Dicker to get the mission started head on over to the docks and step into the green marker. Well that was easy.

Tight Spaces

"Punch the Hoarder's traps to release the prisoner within."

The first of the traps is ahead of you just beyond the yellow barriers, smash it open to free the citizen inside it. Now go up the stairs on the big blue crane nearby and climb up the pole halfway up them, this will take you higher up to a trap. Inside this trap is a little Super townsperson, he'll fly back to the base and get ready to be recruited. For now carry on with this mission, jump down again and over the little blue fence to a third trap.

Go up the steps to the fourth and then jump onto the top of the vertically hanging crates to get the last one. Your reward is the Forklift. Rick Dicker will also tell you that there are other traps around the city for you to break, no specific mission is started though.

Prisoner Delivery

"Defend the armored paddy wagon from Syndrome's Omnidroids."

Now that you've freed his hostages you get to take the Hoarder back to the SuperMax Prison. Follow the truck on foot and your first task is to smash some yellow barriers while defeating a trio of Omnidroids. Focus on the droids as otherwise they might damage the truck (there's a yellow health bar above it). Once it starts moving run alongside and get ready for the next stop. Again focus on the four droids first so that they can't damage the truck.

Keep on following the truck down the road, you can no doubt see several blockades ahead. At the first one there's two large Omnidroids so you should be able to take them down without them taking notice of the truck. The next one has a couple of small ones and two big'uns.

The stop on the bridge however has one very big droid that will continue to spit out smaller ones until you destroy it. The thing to do here is hit it a few times and then go over and protect the van, then go back and hit it a few more times. Repeat that until the massive droid is destroyed and the van can move on. Now you need to finish off any remaining Omnidroids and clear the road of debris.

A few droids will appear along the way but the last stop ahead has two of those massive droids, focus on one then the other while keeping an eye on the van. Once that's all done there's just a few more bits of debris in the way before you finally reach the Secret Base.

Pick up the Hoarder and take him towards your SuperMax Prison, face the bars next to the door where the marker is pointing and throw him into the prison. Your reward? A Pink Family Car! Oh, and the bridges to the rest of the city have now been fixed.

Super Recruits

"When you free a Super from the Hoarder's traps, they report back to headquarters and wait to be recruited. Go recruit one!"

That Super you rescued from the Hoarder's trap is ready to be recruited, he's over by Rick Dicker. Just press Recruit to recruit him. What does recruiting a Super do? Now you'll get helped a bit in fights by the Supers.

Find Snoring Gloria

"Snoring Gloria has been spotted in the city! Find her!"

Head Downtown to where the marker is near the curved green area. To defeat the plant you first need to destroy the three medium sized parts that are attached by a green vine, the small blue ones can be ignored. First one is just on the ground here, punch it a few times, the second is up on a building to the left and the third is up on a building to the right. Once all three are destroyed you can smash up the larger one just as easily.

Not quite over yet though as there's another set of plants to destroy just up the road. The three smaller pods are all up on buildings. Once you've destroyed the larger plant you finish the mission and earn the "Edna's Costume Shop" toy.

A Shop of Her Own

"Build a shop for Edna Mode."

As with all the other build missions just go into the Toy Store and buy Edna's Costume Shop for 500 Coins. You get the Orange Car and your costume has been upgraded to no longer be affected by Syndrome's Zero Point Energy attacks.

Science to the Rescue

"Take the scientist to his secret weapon in the city and protect the secret weapon while the scientist powers it up."

Pick up the nearby scientist and hop in a car, he'll just sit on the edge for the journey. Drive to the secret weapon in the middle of Downtown and throw him into it. Once he's in a few waves of Omnidroids will start appearing, take care of the first three and two more sets of three will advance. Next wave has five with two of them being the larger type. Take out the larger ones first before destroying the three little guys.

The weapon will begin powering up but you'll still need to keep defending it from some individual Omnidroids that keep appearing. The weapon will not take too much longer but the enemies will keep on coming until it finishes. Once you finally manage to keep it safe you're rewarded with the Hover Board (for just 1250 Coins).

The Sky has Fallen

"Take the Omnidroid data core to the HQ Research Station to be scanned."

Just down the road is the data core smashed into the ground, but next to it is a new type of Omnidroid, this one has shinier (and therefore better) armour. It'll take a few more hits than the regular Omnidroids did and can block attacks. Once you've defeated it go over to the core to pick it up (first smash it of course). Jump in your car and bring it back to the base. You also get a "Grey Utility Truck" as a reward.

Technical Deliveries

"Take all of the Omnidroid data cores to the HQ Research Station. Some data cores can't be reached unless you have a specific toy. Look in your Toy Store for a toy that might help."

Take the elevator up to the roof and then walk forwards a short way down the ledges to your first Omnidroid data core. Take it back down to the Research Station to get it scanned.

The next one is on a tall building in the Downtown area, go to the far end of the middle street and wall jump up the tall building on the end, from there jump down to the building with a toy elevator on it where the core is smouldering.

After returning that one head towards the docks, the core is up on the building by the entrance.

Another core is found in the north-east corner of the northern part of the city, just follow the road north from Hero Park.

And the last core is on top of a building on the western edge of the north part of town.

Hovering Heroes

"Buy the Hover Board from the Toy Store."

It costs just 1250 coins! Once you've bought it go over and open the box in the middle of the secret base.

Witness Protection

"Change the identity of a citizen using Edna's Shop."

Walk over the the man, pick him up and then throw him through the front door of Edna's Shop. You can now use all those items you've been picking up from the red capsules, change him a little, one thing will do, and then exit to complete the mission.

Which Witness?

"Go find the witness and change his identity at Edna's Shop."

The witness is due west, in the alleys at the end of the main street. Bring him straight back to the base and change his appearance a bit (or a lot).

Straight Ahead

"The Combat Trainer will teach you the straight super punch."

This is a little more tricky to perform than randomly pressing buttons, hold the attack for a short time (not long enough to do a full attack) and then tap it again while the enemy is in the air, you should then automatically hit it as it lands. Do this three times to pass.

Sprawling Sleep Pods

"Snoring Gloria has placed her sleep-inducing plants all over town. Find and destroy them."

The first set of plants is up near the east bridge that goes north. All are fairly simple to get to, two on some buildings and one in the road.

Snoring Glory number two is at the end of the main road through Downtown, this one however needs the Gilder Pack as the plant on the taller building does not have any simple way up. To get to it wall jump up the side of the even taller building opposite and use the Glide Pack to glide to it.

Next one is in the north-west portion of the northern part of the city. No special equipment is needed to reach the plant on the tower just some regular platforming. Jump up the side of the poster near the plant below the higher up one and jump from the roof onto some ledges sticking out of the taller tower.

Further north along the road curve is the next one, these little plants are all simple to get to, the tower has some platforms on the back you can use to get up it.

And the last one is further east, near the bridge coming north out of Hero Park. To get the highest one go to where the one on the lower tower is, jump across to the rail and go along in front of the billboard, along another rail and then jump onto some ledges leading up to the top.

Crash Landing

"Go find out what landed in the city."

Inbetween the tallest buildings in the northern part of town is a smoking crater, approach it to see the introduction of a new type of Omnidroid, one that can fire a laser beam. It'll take quite a pounding before being destroyed, try to dodge out of the way of its laser attack and hit it from afar as if you're in close enough for punches it'll just punch you right back.

Once you've destroyed it you earn the School Bus toy.

Protective Measures

"Toss the criminals into the paddy wagon and protect the paddy wagon as it moves through the streets."

You can find the Police Officer giving this mission near the fountain in the middle of the northern part of the city. Grab the first nearby criminal and chuck him into the van, it'll then start driving off, follow it. Not too far away is a yellow barricade where the paddy wagon will pause, destroy the Omnidroid that attacks and pick up the nearby criminal. Once he's in the van you'll see another one, and then after that one a third. Make sure the van's path is clear so it can move on to the next set of criminals.

Now it'll start getting a bit more difficult as the enemies attacking will be stronger. Keep taking them down and throwing the criminals in as quickly as you can, if you're having trouble throwing them into the van then use the manual aim as youy would a laser gun rather than just letting it autoaim and ending up throwing it at a robot. Another stop will add the last three and the van will head on over the bridge towards the secret base. The mission will complete shortly.

Island Getaway

"Take the Mayor to his island using the Hover Board."

The Police Officer that starts this mission is at the most northern part of the city. You'll obviously need the Hover Board for this one.

Pick up the Mayor and jump on your Hover Board, quickly hover over the red buoys towards the island you were shown. Make sure not to jump, just keep on going in a curve and you should make it. To get back carry on along the curve and cross the water towards the pier sticking out.

Yacht Party

"Use the Glide Pack to get the Mayor to his yacht for the fund raising event."

The Police Officer for this mission is on the west side of Downtown across the water from the docks. This one uses the Glide Pack.

A move that can be very handy getting much further with your Glide Pack, equip it and then run and jump off the edge of the building, glide for a short distance before diving down and then letting go of the dive button to swoop back up and continue forwards further than you would have been able to before. Do that a couple of times to get enough distance to land on the yacht with the Mayor to complete the mission.

Mayor Menace

"Take the Mayor where he needs to go."

The Mayor is found on the main street going through Downtown. This is just like the Yacht Party mission except your destination is further away (and over land). A couple of swoops should do the trick, just make sure to go between the buildings rather than over the roofs.

Mayor of the Skies

"Take the Mayor to his luncheon using the Glide Pack."

The Mayor wants your help again, he's found in the northern part of the city by the east bridge leading north. Another simple set of dive bombs should get you to the target within the given time, the problem this time is that it's not a straight path there so you'll either need to do a turn or just land as close as you can and walk the rest of the way.

Ruthless Discovery

"Go find Baron Von Ruthless."

You'll apparently need the Hover Board to reach him, follow the marker to a platform up on the side of a building, climb it up a small billboard to the top of the building and you'll then get an arrow point straight across to another building. Get on your Hover Board and hover over there. Climb up the air vents and then ride the wire across to the next building. Climb up to the top where Baron Von Ruthless is to complete the mission.

Bomb Scare

"Find and destroy Baron Von Ruthless's bomb."

Jump down off the building to where those people were being terrorized, pick up the bomb and run it towards the nearest water (which is to the west). Throw it in to finish the mission.

Bombs Galore

"Destroy all of the bombs Baron Von Ruthless has placed."

That's not all though, you'll now have to do the same thing for a few more bombs. They're all around the central fountain, one north one west one east and one south of it. You can throw them into the fountain as that does luckily count as water. Completing this mission unlocks The Incredicar. There's no specific mission for the Incredicar so you can go and buy it whenever you like.

Now it's time to head back to the base to pick up some more missions.

Fountain of Trouble

"Find Snoring Gloria at the fountain in the city."

Head back into the city and go to the fountain to find Snoring Gloria. And that's it, the Green Sports Car is yours as well.

Path to Justice

"Locate the cops and paddy wagon waiting to escort Snoring Gloria to prison."

Go down the road to the south where the cops are waiting for you. Umm... yay!

Escorting Gloria

"Escort the paddy wagon to the HQ. Destroy the bombs Baron Von Ruthless has placed along the way. Once at HQ, throw Snoring Gloria into prison."

Talk to the Police Officer to get the mission started for real. Follow the paddy wagon the short distance it drives before reaching the first of the Baron Von Ruthless bombs. Pick it up and throw it into the fountain, keep an eye on the van as it goes around the fountain and get rid of the other bombs there too. Keep on following the van as it drives into yet another ambush. Destroy the Omnidroids to get it moving again, the larger laser one might be a bit of trouble if it gets too close.

Another quick ambush on the bridge over to the base, destroy the Omnidroids that drop in to get the van moving again. Now as it goes around the final stretch of road a trio of bombs will appear, throw them into the water nearby to get rid of them and get the paddy wagon all the way home. Pick up Gloria and throw her into the prison. You get a red capsule outside her cell just like with the Hoarder and also unlock The Incredicopter toy, which you'll need for the next mission.

Hideout Discovery

"Use the Incredicopter to change Baron Von Ruthless and his hulking monsters back to normal again."

Purchase the Incredicopter from the Toy Store, open the box and then hop into it. The controls on this thing are a little complicated, the main thing is that you need to push up and down on the camera movement to raise it up and down, pressing left and right will strafe left and right. Normal movement is used just to turn the helicopter.

Anyway, once you've got the hang of those controls head on over to where the red arrows are pointing you to go, fire at the giant monsters to destroy them. You generally don't need to control the vertical, just get yourself up to a decent height and then drive it as if it were a car, when the target is pointed near to the monster shoot once and you should hit it.

After four monsters you get to take on Baron Von Ruthless himself, he's not actually any different though and just takes one hit to defeat. Once he's knocked out get out of the helicopter and go talk to the Police Officer on the ground.

Baron Von Ruthless Transformed

"Use your Incredicopter to protect the paddy wagon carrying Baron Von Ruthless back to HQ. Don't let the Omnidroids destroy the paddy wagon."

Get back into the Incredicopter (if you've lost it just get another one through the Toy Store menu), follow the paddy wagon and shoot at any Omnidroids that you can see ahead of it. Perhaps keep a little ahead of the van to destroy the Omnidroids as they appear before they get a chance to fire at the paddy wagon itself.

Once you get back you may need to first repair the prison as your rockets can actually blow up the buildings here. It's simply a case of walking up to it and press the button that it prompts you to press. Then go pick up Baron Von Ruthless and throw him into the prison. Pick up the red capsule to get a commemerative statue.

Stranded Witness

"Retrieve the witness from the deserted island using the Hover Board."

You will need your Hover Board to carry him back but you can just fly there first with the Incredicopter if you want to. Once you've picked him up Hover over to the pier and then along the roads all the way back to HQ, don't try going straight over the water, you'll never make it. Throw him into Edna's Shop and make at least one change to his appearance to complete the mission.

All Out Attack

"Find and destroy all the Omnidroids before time runs out!"

You've only got seven minutes to complete this, get into a Incredicopter and get flying! Just keep following the red arrows, you'll quickly find them all over the place. After 20 are destroyed some more will appear in the Downtown area for you to go shoot. They'll be all over the place, up on roofs, down in alleyways, everywhere! At about 28 you'll be led back to the base where you will need to destroy the last few Omnidroids. Don't worry about the buildings, you can easily rebuild them.

Zero Point Power Up

"Buy the Zero Point Energy Gauntlet from the Toy Store. Defeat Syndrome's Omnidroids and then find Syndrome out in the city."

Talk to Mirage in the base to get this one started, it's your usual simple buy an item start to a mission. This one is the very last toy of this Play Set and will cost you 3000 Coins. Once you've picked it up you'll be attacked by four laser Omnidroids, with the Zero Point Energy Guantlet they should be really easy to destroy, try throwing them at each other.

The Final Showdown

"Defeat Syndrome using the Zero Point Energy Gauntlet."

Talk to the Police Officer in the base to get started on this final mission. Fly over to the marker, if you drive you can still climb up via some platforms, ledges and poles, but it's a lot easier by helicopter. Once the fight has begin use your Zero Point Energy Gauntlet to throw an Omnidroid at Syndrome on the other building, if you miss just pick up another and try again.

Next he adds three rocket Omnidroids to his side, throw the droids from your side at him (just wait a little for them to appear) while avoiding the rockets and Syndrome's own attacks. Again hit Syndrome with an Omnidroid to move to the next bit of the fight.

The two laser Omnidroids he summons will need two hits with your Omnidroids before blowing up, then again it's a single hit to Syndrome to finish the fight.

And that marks the end of the story missions in The Incredibles Play Set. All there is left to do is to finish off any side quests you've missed as well as any challenges, capsules and traps you've left lying around the city. Don't forget to pay Syndrome a visit in the SuperMax Prison.