Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean Walkthrough

To start the Pirates of the Caribbean Play Set simply place your triple Incredibles/Monsters University/Pirates of the Caribbean Play Set piece from the Starter Pack onto the Infinity Base in the hexagonal slot. Select the "Pirates" option and then "New Game". You must keep the Play Set piece on the Infinity Base in order to play in this Play Set.

Remember that Play Sets are "true to property" which means you can only use characters from the same franchise. So that's Captain Jack Sparrow, Barbossa, and Davy Jones that you can use here. So you will need to have two of those characters (even two of the same character works) to play co-op.

Dock and Cover
Rewards: 50 100
"Row yer dinghy into town an' find a safe place to dock."

To kick off the Play Set you're in a rowing boat, to row you just move as you would when walking. Follow the river canal along under some bridges until you reach the end where there's a large wooden door blocking the way and a green floating marker on land. Approach the marker and then "Dock Dinghy" to jump onto land. Mission complete.

Go over to the two pirates on the left with the beam of light shining down on them, you'll need to either smash through or jump over some crates that are in the way.

We Know Where Gibbs Be!
Rewards: 50 100
"Pintel an' Ragetti know where Gibbs be trapped. Follow them!"

They'll both run off to the left a short distance, follow after them and they'll run off a little further towards a large locked door. The lock has a little picture of a gun on it, it's telling you to shoot it with your gun (an odd thing for a lock to do). You can either go into the aiming view and shoot it or just blast your flintlock wildly while facing in the lock's general direction, it should auto-target for you.

Once through the gate head left to where Pintel and Ragetti stop by another open gate and then head inside. An ambush! Again you have a choice when fighting the enemies that attack, you can either do as the game says and participate in a quick sword fight or you can do an Indiana Jones and just shoot them.

Rescue Master Gibbs!
Rewards: 200 100
"Get ye to the fort's prison tower and rescue Mr. Gibbs!"

Follow them through the gate they just unlocked and head to the left where they've paused again by a bridge.

Leaving them behind now cross over the bridge and straight forwards to the enemy standing guard at the bottom of some steps. Kill him and then advance up the steps to where a cannon blast destroys a part of the floor. Jump over the gaps to get to another fight, this time with two enemies at the same time! If you're going to swordfight then try not to ignore the other enemy for too long as he'll just hit you from behind and knock you down, alternate between every hit or two to keep control of the fight.

Go through the newly blasted open door and shoot open the lock at the other end, take a left and head up the stairs before killing another of the enemies. Jump over the gap, you'll probably need to double jump, and then take a look at the beams attached to the round bit of wall at the end. Jump up onto the first of the horizontal bars and then jump up to the second, from there move to the right so that you're underneath the next horizontal bar which you'll then need to jump up to. One more will get you up just on the ledge of Mr. Gibbs' prison cell.

Keep moving around the ledge to the right until you get to the opposite side of the tower. Then start heading upwards again, you'll want to make your way over the other window and then over to the door where you'll drop off. The door has another type of lock on it, this one's a bit smaller and you can either shoot it like before or just hit it with your sword. Once the door's open that's mission complete.

The Map's Hiding Place
Rewards: None
"Follow Mr. Gibbs! He knows where the map be hidin'."

Follow Mr. Gibbs up the wooden ramp and then down the rope slide, jump on and you'll automatically slide down to the other end. Talk to Mr. Gibbs over by the side of a cliff before walking a little further to get to a point where you can jump up and grab onto a ledge in that cliff.

Shimmy left and get up to the top ledge before shimmying even further left so that you can jump up onto the top of the cliff. Go into the cave.

You're now free to roam the island and do whatever missions you can find in any order you like.

A Captain Needs a Ship!
Rewards: 200 100
"Buy yerself a seaworthy vessel and set sail!"
Requirements: The Map's Hiding Place

Jump back down and walk towards Mr. Gibbs to get taught how to use the Mission Log and unlock the Pirate Ship in the Toy Store. It costs 600 Coins so you might need to do a few of the side missions around the island before you can afford to buy it. Once you can afford it the game will force you into buying it. You don't have to leave at that moment though, you can still carry on doing the side missions if you want to.

Once you've got it head out to the docks and open up the little chest next to the small sailboat and then step into the tiny little replica of your ship.

Ye Own Quest
Rewards: 50 50
"There be a treasure just for you. Ye will know it by the fact that yer face is on it. Can ye find it?"
Requirements: The Map's Hiding Place

A pirate with an eye-patch near Mr. Gibbs starts this mission. The chest you're looking for depends on which of the three characters you're using. If you're using Jack Sparrow the chest is over near the gate to the docks at the end of the canal. If you're Barbossa then the chest is up by the gate behind the waterwheel. And if you're Davy Jones the chest is down past the docks, you'll need to smash though a locked gate to get to the beach.

Treasure on the Trusses
Rewards: 50 50
"A treasure chest is hidden in some scaffolds in town. Find it."
Requirements: Ye Own Quest

Take a right at the bottom of the bridge ahead and climb up the ladder by jumping up it a few times. The treasure is at the back down the little ramp.

Time Has Stopped!
Rewards: 50 50
"Take the townsperson to the clock tower."
Requirements: The Map's Hiding Place

A female pirate up the path to the left of Mr. Gibbs will begin this mission. Pick her up and continue to the left, walk down the steps, through the gate and over the bridge towards the town and the marker next to where the clock tower was.

Time for Vengeance!
Rewards: 50 50
"Find all the red capsules carryin' pieces o' the Vengeance in Buccaneer Bay."
Requirements: Time Has Stopped!

Talk to the same female pirate again to start this mission, there's no markers or arrows for you to follow, instead you have to look around town yourself for the right red capsules.

Once you've got them all that's job done.

Heavy Sleeper
Rewards: 50 50
"This lazy man won't work. It'd be helpful if you shook him up by throwin' him in the water."
Requirements: The Map's Hiding Place

A townsperson with mutton chops down by the bridge in the town has this quick mission for you. Simply pick him up and throw him into the nearby water, to pick a person up you stand next to them and press the button to pick them up.

Rid Us O' Them Crates!
Rewards: 50 50
"East India Tradin' Company has crates all about town. Destroy them all."
Requirements: Heavy Sleeper

After throwing him into the water the same lazy man will have this mission. Strewn around town are a few large grey crates with the East India Trading Company logo on them, find them and smash them.

  1. At the bottom of the building to the left as you cross the bridge facing the prison tower.
  2. At the top of some steps of the building to the right as you cross the bridge facing the prison tower.
  3. Jump onto the roof of the same building as number two and then use the rope to cross over to the next chest.
  4. By the waterwheel on the other side of the bridge.
  5. Further along past number four next to the other bridge.
Treasure Outside of Town
Rewards: 200 50
"There be treasure hidden. Find it!"
Requirements: The Map's Hiding Place

Pintel and Ragetti in town will have this mission to give you. Go back to where Mr. Gibbs is and head down to the beach where you'll find this treasure chest next to the large rock. Smash it open to get the reward.

I Wants to be a Navigator.
Rewards: 50 50
"This townsperson wants to look the part of a Navigator so he can join a crew."
Requirements: The Map's Hiding Place

This mission begins with a pirate next to Pintel and Ragetti. First though you'll need to actually have the parts to make him a Navigator, all you currently have are parts for a Cook. There are some red capsules nearby, one to the right of the shop, one to the left and one opposite it. In those you'll find the three Navigator parts, the Navigator's Head, Navigator's Hat, and Navigator's Body. Once you have those pick him up and throw him into the hat shop next to him, this will open the tool for customising the townspeople. Change him into those three pieces to complete the mission.

Blast Ye Out O' the Cove!
Rewards: 50 100
"We be blocked! Use yer cannon to clear the way."
Requirements: A Captain Needs a Ship!

After buying your Pirate Ship you get this mission automatically. Head on over to the main dock where the ship is now found.

You'll find a bunch of missions to upgrade the parts of your ship, don't worry too much about them just yet as you're unlikely to be able to afford them all and may want to experience things without them first. But head up to the back of the ship where Mr. Gibbs is standing and take the helm.

Rotate the camera so that you're facing the rocks, then switch camera view to further away, charge until the reticle turns red and then let go of the firing button to hit the rocks. Repeat this a few times until they blow up. Switch back to regular view and then take control of the ship by pressing what would normally be forwards. You will then be able to steer the ship left and right but try to go straight and not to go too near the docks as Mr. Gibbs likes to take over and dock the ship for you, you'll then have to wait while he does that before you can take it out again.

Hit Them With Another Broadside!
Rewards: 50
"Ye can't be the most powerful ship on the sea unless ye have the most cannons!"
Requirements: A Captain Needs a Ship!

A pirate with an eye-patch on your ship has this mission for you, it immediately unlocks the "Extra Broadside Cannons" item in the Toy Store but it costs 1500 so you might not be able to afford it right away.

Long Range Cannons, a Must!
Rewards: 50
"Ye can't get the ships out on the distance without long range cannons!"
Requirements: A Captain Needs a Ship!

The bandaged pirate on your ship has this mission and unlocks the "Long Range Cannon" in the Toy Store for 1000 Coins.

Get Ye a Flamethrowing Cannon
Rewards: 50
"Buy a Flamethrower Cannon and shoot fire at any who dare sail close to yer ship."
Requirements: Long Range Cannons, a Must!

After buying the Long Range Cannon you can unlock the Flamethrower Cannon at the same crewmember, it'll cost you another 1250 Coins.

A Better Rudder, Cap'n
Rewards: 50
"Buying' a new rudder would really help turn yer ship better."
Requirements: A Captain Needs a Ship!

The pirate with a hat on your ship will give you this mission, it unlocks the "Rudder" Toy for 750 Coins.

A New Helm, Sir!
Rewards: 50
"A new helm will help you stay fast while yer turnnin' yer ship."
Requirements: A Better Rudder, Cap'n

After buying the Rudder you can unlock the Helm toy for 1000 coins from the same chap.

We Needs us Some Fish!
Rewards: 50
"If'n we could get ourselves a fisherman on this here ship, we could eat like kings!"
Requirements: A New Helm, Sir!

Same pirate again once you've bought the new Helm. This time unlocks the "Fisherman" who for 1250 coins will join your crew.

What's our Heading?
Rewards: 200 100
"Set sail to Pantano Bayou."
Requirements: Blast Ye Out O' the Cove!

Once you're out of the bay you get this mission to go and find Tia Dalma. Follow the arrow to the left a bit and dock at Pantano Bayou. Simply sail along the river that you reach and Mr. Gibbs will take over the docking when you get close to the dock. Disembark Ship to complete the mission.

Ship Off the Port Bow!
Rewards: 200 50
"Fight an' defeat the enemy ships!"
Requirements: What's our Heading?

On the way to Pantano Bayou you're likely to encounter enemy ships and get a chance to complete this mission. Turn the camera to one side and line up the reticle with each ship and fire a full blast of your cannon fire at them. Repeat for each ship to take down all three. Circle around them until you've smashed them, if there's waves in the way then just wait for them to get into view again.

A Facelift for the Ship!
Rewards: 500 50
"Camouflage yer ship by changin' its appearance."
Requirements: Ship Off the Port Bow!

After defeating the first set of ships this mission appears on your ship. To customise your ship you just approach the red square with a cross in it under the ship's wheel and enter the "Customize Ship" menu. Switch out a part for either the provided Sao Feng parts or any others that you've picked up.

One Ship, Many Faces
Rewards: 1000 50
"There be many ways to make yer ship look like another. Collect five o' them packs."
Requirements: A Facelift for the Ship!

The same guy has this mission afterwards, this isn't something you can complete right away as it requires you to find five different sets of ship parts. Just keep an eye out for red capsules along your adventure to help towards this mission.

Masts at the Ready
Rewards: 50
"Ye be needin' more speed mate. Purchase yer Foremast Sails."
Requirements: Ship Off the Port Bow!

After defeating your first set of ships Mr. Gibbs will give you this mission to buy the "Foremast Sail" from the Toy Store for 750 Coins.

Find Tia Dalma
Rewards: 50 100
"Use the dinghy to navigate yer way through the bayou and find Tia Dalma."
Requirements: What's our Heading?

Next to the docks is a small rowboat just like the one you were in at the beginning of the Play Set, jump in and start rowing down the bayou. Your rowboat now has a cannon that you can fire, same button as your flintlock and the cannons on the ship. You can't aim it besides the direction your boat is facing.

You'll need it in a moment, fire at the turtle man that's on the first hut as otherwise he'll fire at you and start hurting you. Keep on going past that and hit another turtle dude standing on a raft a short distance away. Keep on going and follow the river as it goes to the right, under a rock bridge with a turtle enemy on top and then to the docks.

Go up the path towards Tia Dalma, the enemies along the way now have shields which means it'll take a little longer to kill them. You'll need to climb up a wooden ladder type thing to reach her.

Help Me An' I Help You
Rewards: 200 100
"Find the statue pieces for Tia Dalma."
Requirements: Find Tia Dalma

After finding her she'll send you off on this collection mission. Turn around, jump back down the ladder and go to the right, jump over the small gap over the water and then start climbing on the ledges of the cliff ahead. Shimmy all the way to the right and drop down, climb up the ledge and then turn to your left to climb up a ladder to the cliff above where you were shimmying.

The first of the three statue parts is directly ahead, it's a floating ball with glowing eyes, shoot the turtle behind it while you're at it. To the left of that turtle is a rope that you can slide across back towards Tia Dalma's place. On the ground you should see the first part of the statue again but just ignore that and carry on to the left now. Head towards the Wall Jump, the two close together vertical wooden sections, and jump up it. Go to the left across the wooden planks and up the thin path to the second part of the statue, a skull with glowing eyes.

Keep on up the path and then down a rope slide before jumping up a couple of ledges to slide down another rope. On the right as you get off the rope is the third piece of the statue, a curved bit of rock with some glowing dots. That's mission complete. To get back to Tia Dalma you can shimmy along the ledge in front of you.

He Smells of Fetid Chum
Rewards: 50 50
"This man has been fishin' fer days and smells o' fish. It'd be right helpful o' ye to toss him in the water."
Requirements: Find Tia Dalma

The raftsman is found under the wooden platform behind Tia Dalma's house. All you need to do is pick him up and throw him into the water.

De First Piece O' De Bane
Rewards: 1000 250
"The Kraken's Bane Piece is in the ruins. Find it."
Requirements: Help Me An' I Help You

Time to head back to your dinghy and move on, a gate under Tia Dalma's house has opened up so go under there in your boat. There's a turtle to the right as you approach and then another on the right by a hut as you turn left. Keep going to the left and dock, then attack the turtle here.

Go up the wooden ramp at the back, jump up the ledge and go into the cave. Here you'll find several enemies to fight, a couple on the ground and one turtle up high shooting at you. Kill the two on the ground first before either shooting back at the turtle or jumping up the Wall Jump next to him to attack him with your sword as well. You'll need to jump up there either way.

Follow the path forwards to another set of enemies through an archway. Kill them and head to the right down a gap next to a gate with a bomb icon on it (ignore that for the moment). Then you reach the statue puzzle. Ignore the first button in front of you for the moment, instead go up the rope to the right of it and step on the button there. Step on it a few times until the bottom portion of the statue is facing towards the camera. Now go down the rope again and step on that first button until the middle section lines up with the bottom section in facing the camera.

To get to the third button just jump across the rock directly inbetween you and it, stand on that last button and turn the bottom two pieces so that they match the top one. Return to the button at the top of the rope and press it a few times more to solve the puzzle. Head forwards and start climbing the ledges sticking out of the statue, approach the chest at the top to finish the mission. You also get rewarded with the toy "Atlas Blade" which is an upgrade to your sword.

Dere Are More Pieces!
Rewards: 100
"Tia Dalma needs a word. Go an' talk to her."
Requirements: De First Piece O' De Bane

Head down the rope slide to get to Tia Dalma who is waiting for you at the bottom.

Missin' Me Sister
Rewards: 50 50
"Take the young lady to her sister over by the docks."
Requirements: First Piece O' De Bane

The lady at the top of the cliff wants to go to her sister at the bottom of it near the docks. Easy, just pick her up and throw her down to her sister. If you don't get her close enough to finish the mission then just jump down and put her a bit closer.

It's At Fort St. Grande!
Rewards: 200 100
"Set sail to Fort St. Grande, ye swab!"
Requirements: Dere Are More Pieces!

Time to leave, jump back into your dinghy and row through the newly opened gate, follow the river to the right and keep on heading back towards your ship. Take the helm and sail it back out onto the open waters. Your destination is the walled island a little to the left straight ahead as you come out of Pantano Bayou. As you approach it the mission will complete.

Send them to the Depths!
Rewards: 500 100
"The Royal Navy ships will sink you if you don't sink them first."
Requirements: It's At Fort St. Grande!

A fleet of Royal Navy ships attacks, first you begin with three little ships that shouldn't take more than a single burst of a few cannons to destroy. After those three comes the proper enemy, a ship as big as yours with lots of cannons. Turn away and try to hit the rear of the ship with your cannons as staying alongside it is going to be quite damaging. If you've upgraded your ship at all you'll find it a bit easier.

Goin' in Under Cover!
Rewards: 200 100
"Make yer ship look like one o' the Royal Navy and ye can infiltrate their fort."
Requirements: Send them to the Depths!

After defeating the Royal Navy you get to dress your ship up like them, it'll unlock all the pieces you need in the customise menu to completely transform your ship. Use all of the pieces, the "theme" applies the material pieces for you.

With your ship disguised take the helm again and sail it through the gate that just opened up for you. Mr. Gibbs will dock the ship for you so just disembark when you arrive and step into the green marker.

We Be in the Navy Now!
Rewards: 200 100
"Ye must get to the top o' the Fort!"
Requirements: Goin' in Under Cover!

Go forwards through the town to a locked gate just before a bridge, shoot the lock and then jump up the planks behind it. Go a little to the right and up another plank ladder, head forwards until a brief cutscene begins the bombardment of Fort St. Grande. Keep on going up a rope and then another to get to the marker at the top.

Defend the Fort!
Rewards: 100
"Ye needs to defeat Davy Jones' Crew on the fort."
Requirements: We Be in the Navy Now!

Move forwards and attack the trio of enemies, swordfight or shoot them from afar (watch out for those red circles showing where the cannon fire is about to hit), before heading inside the tower to start jumping up the ledges. At the top press the Infinity button to open the grate. Go to the left and jump up the ledges to get up to the very top where Maccus is.

Time for a boss fight. Make ample use of the dodge and block mechanics, make sure to dodge out of the way when he charges at you and to block his shots and simple sword swipes. Try to get around to his back so that you can hit him without him blocking. The best time to attack him though is just after a charge, he'll be a bit stunned trying to recover if you manage to dodge out of the way successfully. Keep on attacking him until he runs off after the chest that gets revealed.

2nd Piece o' the Kraken's Bane
Rewards: 2000 250
"Get that piece o' the Kraken's Bane off the Fort!"
Requirements: Defend the Fort!

Jump down the rope slide at the top and then again next to the ledge you just climbed up to get down the tower (make sure not to hold forwards when you're doing so or you'll fly right off the end), and then again off along another rope beyond the one hanging down in your face.

Turn right down one last rope towards Maccus again. Try to knock him over the edge but not fall off yourself. Once he's gone jump up into the cave to claim the second piece of the Kraken's Bane. That also unlocks the "Speed Burst" toy and ends the mission.

Return to your ship to get on with the other mission that Tia Dalma gave you earlier.

More Gunpower!
Rewards: 50
"Time ye buys the Bluderbuss from yer Toy Store."
Requirements: Hit Them With Another Broadside! and 2nd Piece o' the Kraken's Bane

Getting the piece of Kraken's Bane from Fort St. Grande opens up this mission from on your ship to buy the "Blunderbuss", it's an upgrade to your regular flintlock gun.

Demon's Cape sounds Invitin'
Rewards: 500 100
"Ye mus' sail through Demon's Cape."
Requirements: Dere Are More Pieces!

The entrance to Demon's Cape is next to Pantano Bayou, sail through the opening to get to another part of the ocean. This unlocks the "Mizen Mast Sail" in the Toy Store.

De Next Piece Awaits Ye
Rewards: 500 100
"Set course to Shipwreck Shoals!"
Requirements: Demon's Cape sounds Invitin'

Sail towards the ship wreck over to the right hand side and then again towards the water spout that appears.

Who Needs Voodoo? You Do.
Rewards: 100
"Ye be needin' to buy Tia Dalma's Voodoo Cannon."
Requirements: De Next Piece Awaits Ye

As you approach the water spout at Shipwreck Shoals you'll be instructed to buy the newly unlocked "Voodoo Cannons" for 1000 Coins. If you don't have enough money then go off and do some challenges or some other missions.

Keep the Sea Witch Safe
Rewards: 1000 100
"Protect Tia Dalma from the attackin' sunkin ships by destroyin' all o' them."
Requirements: Who Needs Voodoo? You Do.

Once you've bought the Voodoo Cannons return to Shipwreck Shoal and get started attacking the nine ships that appear, your cannons will automatically switch to the Voodoo ones so no need to swap them yourself but remember that to use them you actually have to go down and manually fire them, the firing from the helm is a different set of cannons entirely. Circle around each ship hitting them with the cannonfire, they're quite fast until you hit them with a Voodoo Cannon so try not to let them get so that they have their side facing you. The last two ships will need a lot more damage to destroy but keep trying to stay with their front facing you rather than their side and you should eventually smash them up enough to sink them.

Once all nine are down you can go and dock on the new island.

On the Ship O' The Dead!
Rewards: 200 100
"Board the raised shipwreck so's ye can claim yer prize."
Requirements: Keep the Sea Witch Safe

Dock on Shipwreck Shoals and head inland, jump over the small gaps in the rocks to reach the marker.

Bane From Beneath
Rewards: 2000 250
"Get the piece o' the Kraken's Bane from the raised shipwreck."
Requirements: On the Ship O' The Dead!

Start climbing up the ledges in front of you and then up the rigging on the wall, keep on going up some more ledges and then forwards across a gap. Follow it around to the left, kill the turtle and jump over a couple more gaps before reaching some rigging to climb up. Shimmy to the right a little and then jump up onto the ledge.

Approach the chest to get the next piece of the Kraken's Bane and finish the mission to unlock Calypso's Fury for your ship (for 5000 Coins).

Back to Me Ship!
Rewards: 200 100
"Get ye back to yer ship!"
Requirements: Bane From Beneath

Go out through the new hole in the side of the wreck and slide down the mast. Attack the enemy and then jump down to the right and make your way back to your ship, the part where the shipwreck retreats back into the water is not far from the ledges you jumped up earlier. If you've missed any of the Sunken Shipwreck red capsules then you can just start the nearby challenge to raise the wreck again and try to get them within the time limit.

  Two Birds With One Stone
Rewards: 1000 100
 Requirements: Dere Are More Pieces!

You'll find several enemy ships fighting each other on the other side, you may need to purchase some better cannons if you're still on the default ones. Take down a couple of the ships to complete this mission.

Darken the Sails!
Rewards: 1000 50
"Find all the black ship pieces an' make yer ship all black and all Jack's!"
Requirements: One Ship, Many Faces

Once you've found five full sets of ship design you can get this mission on your ship. Here are the locations for all of the pieces:

Ain't no Cannon like the Tripleshot!
Rewards: 50
"Get the Tripleshot Cannon to shoot at yer enemies with more firepower."
Requirements: Get Ye a Flamethrowing Cannon

Once you've bought the Flamethrower Cannon you can get this mission on your ship that unlocks the "Triple Shot Cannon" for 1500 Coins.

They Says Yer a Rat, Sir!
Rewards: 1000 50
"There be pirate ships all around ye, Cap'n. There is a need to destroy them."
Requirements: Get Ye a Flamethrowing Cannon

After buying the Bluderbuss toy you get this mission to go and sail after some rival pirate ships. They're at the opposite side of the sea to Shipwreck Shoal. Defeat the three waves of ships to complete the mission, the last one has a few of the bigger ships so you'll need to be quicker to turn and faster to keep out of their cannon fire.

Off To Dead Man's Cove!
Rewards: 500 100
"Get yerself to Dead Man's Cove!"
Requirements: Demon's Cap Sounds Invitin'

Dead Man's Cove is directly opposite the entrance to this part of the seas. Head down the pass and dock, disembark to complete the mission.

Head forwards off the dock to find Pintel and Ragetti on shore.

Blasting is the Only Way!
Rewards: 200 100
"Ye best get yerself some Pirate Bombs in order to blow up the gate."
Requirements: Off To Dead Man's Cove!

They immediately unlock the "Pirate Bomb" toy for you to buy for just 500 Coins. You've got to go collect it before you can use it though, head to the left over the wooden bridge and onto the beach. Go around to the right and open the crate. Return to Pintel and Ragetti and throw one of your new bombs at the gate with the Bomb icon on it.

Knock Really Hard. Savvy?
Rewards: 200 100
"Destroy the counterweights to open the sea gate."
Requirements: Blasting is the Only Way!

Go through the blown up gate and head towards the marker by the water, you'll be shown some counterweights that you need to destroy, using your new bombs of course. Go through the arch to the right of Pintel and Ragetti and throw a bomb at the orange and black pile of junk on a platform ahead of you once you exit the cave.

Jump to the cleared platform and then blow up a second pile before jumping to it. On your left is a brick wall with some bomb markers at the top, throw a bomb at them to clear a ledge for you to jump up and grab hold of. Shimmy left a little and jump up to the top.

Go forwards over the gap and take down the turtle, try using your bombs against him. To the right is another pile of rubble to destroy. Go up the stepped platforms a short distance before blowing up another gate. You're now above where Pintel and Ragetti are waiting, keep on forwards past a trio of enemies and through an open gate to the first counterweight. Throw a bomb at it to dislodge it. You can't quite reach the second counterweight from here so jump back down to Pintel and Ragetti.

Go along the platforms behind them and over the water, along a mast and then down to a few enemies that your bomb should make quick work of. Go through the open gate and up the ledge to the left, blow up a pile of rubble and then an enemy. Go through the left gate (the right one just goes to a red capsule). Then finally jump up a ledge and blow up the second counterweight.

To get back to Pintel and Ragetti jump to the platform in front of you and slide along the rope to them. Jump in the boat and sail it through the newly opened gate. Watch out for the turtle on the docks as you go under them, there's another on a rock to the right after it and then a couple on the dinghy dock where you're headed.

Up to the Ruins
Rewards: 200 100
"Make your way up the ruined fort to get the Kraken's Bane piece."
Requirements: Knock Really Hard. Savvy?

Go to the right and jump over the small gap and then head left under the rocks and up the stepped platforms. Throw a bomb at the rubble on the wall to your left when you reach the end of the path and then jump over to it to grab onto the ledge. Move right around the rock and down at the end. Blow up a pile of rubble on the next platform before jumping over to it.

Go right up the steps to a ledge. Before jumping onto it blow up the rubble on the right, then grab it and go right. Kill the turtle once you get down off the ledge and then Wall Jump up the small gap on the left side to reach Pintel and Ragetti again.

Fightin' the Fish Faces
Rewards: 200 100
"Davy Jones' crew is looking for the Piece too. You've got to fight them through the old ruined fort."
Requirements: Up to the Ruins

Pick up that cog on the floor and take it over to the Infinity button, once it's attached press the Infinity button to open the door. Inside the fort there are just a few enemies, the turtle at the back is probably the one that'll be the one to focus on first as he just stands there throwing bombs at you.

Bombs and Booby Traps
Rewards: 500 100
"Find the cog to solve this gate puzzle in order to get to the Kraken Bane piece."
Requirements: Fightin' the Fish Faces

Another "puzzle", pick up the cog over on the right side of the area and put it next to the Infinity button here. Press the button to open this second door.

Schools of Fish to Fight
Rewards: 500 100
"Defeat Maccus and Davy Jones' crew to get to the piece of the Kraken's Bane."
Requirements: Bombs and Booby Traps

Another fight with Maccus now, make sure to go through the doorway as fighting them outside their room can cause the mission to go a bit wrong, if Maccus gets stuck then try throwing bombs at him to get him to go through the doorway again. Take down the other enemies first and then start fighting Maccus, block his gunfire and dodge when he charges. After successfully dodging you should quickly run up to the dazed Maccus and attack him from behind. Keep doing this until he's defeated.

Another Piece Be Here
Rewards: 2000 250
"Jump to the top of the moving platforms to get to the Kraken's Bane piece."
Requirements: Schools of Fish to Fight

Once you've beaten Maccus go to the left just next to the entrance and pick up the cog, place it next to the Infinity button in the middle of the room. The platforms around the room will start circling, first jump on the lowest one in the inner circle, wait for it to get next to the next highest, wait on that for the next highest in the middle, then again back out to the outer circle with another slightly higher platform.

This time you wait until you can reach the stationary platforms on the back left of the room, jump to them and wait for the highest platform to circle around to you. Use that to jump to the middle of the room and open the chest. That unlocks the "Phase Shift" toy and completes the mission.

That's the end of the missions on Dead Man's Cove, to return to your ship just go through the gate that just opened, jump over the gap and then slide along the rope. Now you can just jump down and wander back over to the ship.

Find Some Shine!
Rewards: 1000 50
"There be treasure on Dead Man's Cove. Find it!"
Requirements: Another Piece Be Here and We Needs us Some Fish!

Once you get back to your ship you'll find this mission waiting for you. The treasure is back on land up in a cave with an open gate where you went to knock down the first of the counterweights. Once you open the chest you'll be attacked by some enemies, kill them with your bombs and sword. Once they're defeated the gate will open up again and you'll complete the mission for a decent reward of 1000 Coins.

  Helpin' Other Pirates
Rewards: 1000 100
 Requirements: 2nd Piece o' the Kraken's Bane, Another Piece Be Here, and Back to Me Ship!

Several waves of ships attacking each other near Isla Enoja, get in there and start destroying them all.

Fightin' Fish for the Fort
Rewards: 500 50
"Ye needs to defeat Davy Jones' Crew on the fort."
 Requirements: 2nd Piece o' the Kraken's Bane, Another Piece Be Here, and Back to Me Ship!

Return to Fort St. Grande to get a mission to rescue it from Davy Jones' crew. There's a pair of them up to the left of the town, a set of four of them up by the fort tower, and the last two on the beach below.

To Buccaneer Bay Wit' You!
Rewards: 500 100
"Set sail to Buccaneer Bay, lads!"
Requirements: 2nd Piece o' the Kraken's Bane, Another Piece Be Here, and Back to Me Ship!

Once you've got four pieces of the Kraken's Bane you'll find Tia Dalma on your ship with another mission. We're heading back to Buccaneer Bay! Once you've docked and disembarked you'll complete the mission.

Last Piece, Matey
Rewards: 1000 250
"Beat the fish-men so you can get the last Piece o' the Bane."
 Requirements: To Buccaneer Bay Wit' You!

Walk towards Tia Dalma just outside the town and she'll give you this mission. Head on in to find the town under attack again, kill the enemies at the start and then make your way up to the church. A couple of turtles and Maccus will come out to attack you, take down those bomb throwing turtles and then face off with Maccus again. Reuse your tactics of before, block his gun and dodge from his charges, attacking when he's stunned a bit after missing you. This unlocks the Kraken's Bane for your ship, it's free.

All Together!
Rewards: 5000 100
"Ye got the pieces! Now get back to yer ship to put them back together!"
 Requirements: Last Piece, Matey

Head into the church to pick up that last piece before returning to your ship at the docks.

Back To Your Locker, Jones!
Rewards: 2000 250
"Now that ye have the bane, ye must defeat that monster, Davy Jones."
 Requirements: Last Piece, Matey

Set sail once again, this time we're headed towards Pantano Bayou, not quite all the way though. Once you encounter the fleet get ready with the Kraken's Bane. Each time you see the Kraken raise its tentacles use the Bane, that'll ward it off and allow you to just get into a regular fight with the ship. While it'll sink after a few hits it will resurface again a distance away so start looking around.

After a few goes of that you'll be attacked by the second wave, this time it's three regular ships that shouldn't take more than one hit to destroy and one larger one that will just take a few more to sink. Watch out for the Kraken the whole time.

Wave three is the Flying Dutchman again, repeat the same thing you did last time, keep hitting it when it appears and warding off the Kraken when you see it.

The fourth wave has a few more small ships, five of them, as well as the larger ship to take down again. And the final wave is the Flying Dutchman again, this time however it's just a straight out shoot and destroy. It won't sink except one last time to finish the story. That unlocks the last toy "Kraken Hammer" in the Toy Store for a princely sum of 10,000 Coins.

Lost Me Some Light
Rewards: 200 50
"Collect all the pieces of the Ore O' Light around Tia Dalma's home."
 Requirements: Dere Are More Pieces!

Return to Tia Dalma's house in Pantano Bayou to get this mission from her. Jump up onto the roof to get the first piece, the second is just down on the wooden platform behind the house. Number three is up the rope next to Tia Dalma, four is on the top of the ladder to the right of her house. And the last piece is at the end of the branch to the right of that ladder.

Dis' Swamp is a Mess!
Rewards: 200 50
"Dis swamp be covered with wreckage and needs to be cleared out for Tia Dalma."
Requirements: Lost Me Some Light

Return to Tia Dalma again to get another mission. Jump into your dinghy and start rowing under Tia Dalma's house, the first bit of wreckage is floating in the water just around the corner to the left. Keep following the water around looping back towards Tia Dalma's at the third one. The other three are along the path back towards your ship.

You Wan' Magic? So Do I.
Rewards: 500 50
"A Magic Rune will help Tia Dalma's power. Get it for her."
Requirements: Dis' Swap is a Mess!

Go back to Tia Dalma for yet another quest, this time you'll have to go little further than usual. Return to your ship and set sail for Port Talon. It's a small island through Demon's Cape, just to the left as you enter the other area. Once you've docked go towards the centre of the beach area and into the cave where Tia Dalma is standing. The gate there will open for you, smash the debris out of the way to get to the chest in the middle of the cave.

That'll trigger an ambush, kill the three enemies that attack you to reopen the gate so you can get to Tia Dalma outside to finish the mission.

Rid Me O' Dem Pirates!
Rewards: 1000 50
"Destroy all Them pirate ships invadin' Tia Dalma's home!"
Requirements: You Wan' Magic? So Do I.

Return to Tia Dalma's home once again to get this last mission of hers. Jump back into your dinghy and head for you ship again. Set sail out of Pantano Bayou and you'll encounter a few waves of enemy ships. The first wave is just four simple ships that won't take more than a single hit to destroy. Wave 2 adds in a larger ship that'll take a few more hits and wave three finishes it off with three of the larger ships. Take them on one at a time and it should go quite quickly if your ship is upgraded.

The EITC Has no Right Here!
Rewards: 200 50
"That East India Tradin' company thinks they own this place. They won't if ye destroy their crates!"
Requirements: Goin' in Under Cover

An admiral looking fella by the bridge in Fort St. Grande has this mission for you. There are six crates to destroy, the first two are over behind the flintlock gate, one at the bottom of the ladder and one at the top. There's a third in town opposite the hat shop building, one next to the steps down to the beach in the middle of the town, and one down on the beach by those same steps. The last one is up on the path to the left of the town.