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The Lone Ranger Challenges

Each Play Set has a series of challenges dotted around the map for you to complete, here are the locations of the challenges in the Lone Ranger Play Set. Unlike in the other Play Sets you have to complete a challenge to unlock the next one of the same type, just on Easy will do though.

Horse Racing

Circlin' Colby

To the right of the station in Colby.

Trottin' Through Town

To the right of the station, beat Circlin' Colby.

Riverbed Race

Next to the graveyard, beat Trottin' Through Town.

Railway Race

Next to Red's. Beat Riverbed Race.

Racin' the Range

At the back of the Railroad Camp. Beat Railway Race.

Crow Collecting

Flight from the Elders

In front of the Native American village.

Water Wings

Opposite the Ranch station. Beat Flight from the Elders.

Roundin' the Ridge

At the entrance to the canyon west of Colby. Beat Water Wings.

Trackin' the Train

Next to Red's. Beat Roundin' the Ridge.

Soarin' Through Camp

At the eastern end of the Railroad Camp. Beat Trackin' the Train.