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The Force Awakens

Champion Coins

There are sixteen Star Wars characters that require a Champion Coin to be found for them before they can be played in The Force Awakens Play Set, and that includes the villain of the set, Kylo Ren.


The first planet has six coins on the surface.


On top of Rey's AT-AT.


At the end of the canyon beneath the Salvage House.

Darth Vader

On top of the mouse droid building.

Ahsoka Tano

On top of the Bazaar building in town.

Anakin Skywalker

On a pump just outside of the town fence.

Sabine Wren

On top of Unkar Plutt's.

Space Above Jakku

There are two more coins on Jakku's moon.

Darth Maul

On top of a building next to the launch pad on the Jakku moon.

Zeb Orrelious

On a pipe next to the launch pad on the Jakku moon.

Han's Freighter

Just the two on Han's Freighter, if you need to collect them replay the missions "Securing Solo", and "A Crate Place to Hide".

Han Solo

On the walkway along the left side.


In a corridor after the Guavian Death Squad ambush.


Just the three on the surface.

Kylo Ren

Straight ahead from the landing pad.

Ezra Bridger

On the roof of the castle towards the back.

Luke Skywalker

Inside the secret cove, open during "Key to Success" mission.

Space Above Takodana

And another two on the moon.

Boba Fett

Next to the launch pads on the moon.

Kanan Jarrus

On a platform with a large central feature.

Starkiller Base

Final one on the Starkiller Base, replay "Shield Shock" if you somehow managed to miss it.

Princess Leia

Over by the target that pops out some ledges.