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The Toy Box Challenge

12/09/2013 6:43 PMdark52

This week marks the start of the User-Generated Content contests with the first being a challenge to build a themed racetrack. Winning entries will be posted on the official website and be made available for everyone to download through the game. There's only one week to enter so get cracking!

To help kick things off Disney have released this week's Toy Box Thursday with five brand new Toy Boxes to explore including two race tracks to inspire you.

First up you have Classic Cruise, a race track that features the Autopia car and is apparently based on the Autopia attraction from Disneyland. The track's quite long and there's a lot of scenery to look at.

Then there's a Spooky Castle Race which is another race track this time through a spooky castle of all things. The track's got some swinging obstacles to avoid and a bottomless pit to fall into.#

Lava Puzzler has you pushing blocks around to try to reach the other end of the course with plenty of opportunity to fall into the burning lava.

8 in 1 Arena shows off the power of the Toy Box, press each of the eight buttons to make a different fighting arena appear below.

And 3 Little Houses is full of destruction, you'll huff and you'll puff and then you'll use the cannons, catapults and the TNT to blow up the three houses instead.

The Infinity Guru walkthrough for the Pirates of the Caribbean Play Set is now live, use it to help fight and sail your way through the Caribbean and to find all those pesky chests and challenges. Later on today will see the first part of the Lone Ranger guide uploaded.